Thursday, March 4, 2010


I'm back in the studio. Right now I'm recording some music with a young local producer/musician named Colin Baylor. I met Colin at Wonderroot a couple months ago. He performs under the moniker Sundrop Synthesis. During his set, Josh and I kept looking at each other and smiling. Joshua knew exactly what was going on in my head. Later that night I introduced myself, told him what I thought about his music, boom boom boom, and about month later we were in Little Five Points Music Center recording a track.

There is much more to fill you in on, but for now "that's all I have to say about that" (in my Forest Gump voice). As always, Joshua was on deck! The final product was a song called Robin Hood. You will certainly here it soon. For now, check out these photos from the recording session. I'm kinda liking this.



  1. Illmatic to the fullest. Those pictures are Fresh!!!!

  2. My favorite tracks are process, the day has begun, and life.
    the listening while I sketch and its great.